LogiBot has been a centre piece in SFE. It has grown with us to over seventy thousand members, truly a wonderful bot.

CustomName - Content Creator

LogiBot is one of the best moderation bots out there, with great raid prevention and other features.

IceTheDev - Premium User

I recommend this bot as it will definitely help your server on a daily basis. Read the feature list below to get an idea of what LogiBot has to offer!

Bean - Premium User

LogiBot is an overall excellent bot for moderation of Discord servers. One of it's best features is it's extremely effective raid prevention!

Jdude - Premium User

I find this bot very handy and it is maintained well with great support. I really recommend the premium version with the cool extra features.

RooYoshMine - Premium User


LogiBot has a lot of features so here are the ones you may use!

Join Plugin

This includes join/leave messages, auto-roles on join and a verification system.

Automatic Reactions

This automatically adds reactions to all messages posted in the specified channels.

Joinable Roles & Channels

This allows you to join & leave specified roles/channels using +role.

Points System

This plugin lets people use points which they get from sending messages to buy rewards that you create yourself.

Private VC's

This plugin allows members to create temporary private channels and allows them to give access to who they would like.

Voice Lobbies

This hides other channels in specified categories until you join the 'lobby' channel which then shows the other available channels.